Kenny and Spenny have to take care of computer-babies and special ID-tags who will register how good each of them takes care of their baby.

After they were given the most important information, Kenny already gives the audience a small hint about what he's going to do. Because he knows Spenny will take care of his baby for the next three days, he wants to swap them in the night of the last day. While Spenny is all over his baby Kenny does everything to run the battery of his baby low, so that when they give it back, it will be dead. In front of Spenny, Kenny pretends to take care of his baby, but is obviously mean to Spenny's (like smashing the head of the doll so it starts crying). The audience sees Kenny playing around with his baby on the playground and that Kenny actually broke it in most of the ways, so that he can easily take off the different parts of the doll. Spenny meanwhile plays the role of a father; he goes out with his baby, he talks to it, sings for it, and actually visits a course for mothers in the park. Because the battery of the baby didn't run out in time, Kenny called the company who make those babies and 'killed' the baby by pushing the emergency button on the back oh the doll. In the night of the last day, Kenny sneaked into Spenny's room and switched the baby as well as the ID-tags. Though Spenny wonders why his baby doesn't make any noise, he doesn't get behind the cheat.

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