Who can stay awake the longest?

Awake Winner    Kenny
Cheating?    No
Air Date    9/2/2003

Season One Episodes:

  1. Who is the best Fashion Designer?
  2. Who can stay awake the longest?
  3. Who is the better chef?
  4. Who can stand up the longest?
  5. Who can sit on a cow the longest?
  6. Who is the sanest?
  7. Who can earn the most money in three days?
  8. Who does she like better?
  9. Who can stay blindfolded the longest?
  10. Who can win a beauty pageant?
  11. Who can win a series of mini-competitions?
  12. Who can lose the most weight?
  13. Who can stay handcuffed the longest?
  14. Who can put on the best concert?
  15. Who is the best parent?
  16. Who do kids like most?
  17. Who is the strongest?
  18. Who makes the most convincing woman?
  19. Who is the best actor?
  20. Who is the best male stripper?
  21. Who is the best figure skater?
  22. Who can survive in the woods the longest?
  23. Who will use their arms first?
  24. Who can win a court case?
  25. Who can live in a van the longest?
  26. Who is the better boxer?

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"You may flush the toilet now" — Kenny
"Do I have to, Sir?" — Spenny

Who can stay awake the longest is the second episode of the first season of Kenny vs Spenny.


Kenny and Spenny have to try and stay awake for as long as they can, the first person to fall to sleep loses, and if they stay awake for three days then it's a draw. Kenny decides to try all of the tricks he can; he drinks lots of coffee, a bright light visor, and an earpiece that buzzes whenever his head is tilted. Spenny, however, wants to prove that you don't need any methods and uses nothing to help him at all. After 6 hours, they are fine. After 24 hours, they start getting tired. After 36 hours, Kenny needs to use all of his methods. After 81 hours Kenny catches Spenny sleeping on the sofa.


For the humiliation, Spenny had to be Kenny's bathroom attendant. Spenny had to rip toilet paper into Four separate square pieces" and flush the toilet for him.



  • A device attached to the ear, which emits a buzzing sound everytime the wearers head is tilted.
  • Lots of coffee, he said he started with small doses of coffee before having larger cups.
  • A tub of caffeine pills.
  • A bright light visor, a visor which emits a very bright light into the wearers eyes.
  • Oxygen tanks
  • Smelling Salts


  • Spenny tried to make a point by using only his willpower.
  • Spenny got children to blow party blowers in his face but they ended up just hitting him.
  • Refreshing himself, such as showers and walks.


No one cheated in this episode.


  • Kenny tortured Spenny with a song named "Friends Forever".


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