Season Five


Air Date    10/20/2008

Season Five Episodes:

  1. Who Can Keep a Dump in their Pants the Longest?
  2. Who Can Bone More Women?
  3. Who Can Wear a Gorilla Suit the Longest?
  4. Who Can Piss Off More People?
  5. First Guy to Touch the Ground loses
  6. Who's the Best Pro Wrestler
  7. Who's the Best Soilder?
  8. Who's the Better Jew?
  9. Who Do Disabled People Like More?
  10. Who Can Smoke More Weed?

All episodes: 12345

Season 5 began filming during Summer 2008, and began airing in late October 2008.


  • On July 28 Kenny was behind the flying of a banner reading "Jesus Sucks" in the Toronto area, as part of an episode entitled "Who can piss off more people".

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