'Unzip Goldar'

is a character portrayed by Kenny Hotz in the episode "First One to Laugh Loses." Unlike Kenny's other characters, Goldar seems to be the least creative and yet the most strange. In an attempt to make Spencer laugh Kenny put on a gold skin tight suit with a gold colored mask. He apparently has a large penis (which was another part of the costume used in an attempt to make Spencer laugh) and usually doesn't speak but will announce his presence by stating his name.

Goldar's behavior is more or less like that of a perverted mime. Constantly doing pelvic thrusts towards Spencer or posintioning himself in ways where someone would have no choice but to go near his penis. None of these things seem to bother Spenny that much though as he was able to ignore Goldar very easily. Since "First One to Laugh Loses", Goldar has appeared in "Who Can Put On the Best Play?" as well as the 2010 Christmas Special where Goldar battled Silencio.

In the fight between Goldar and Silencio, the two realized they were evenly matched. They then took flight around the world and eventually the universe until they collided with each other, forming Goldencio, a supreme being who has Goldar's body and Silencio's mask.

Goldar is also the name of a villain from the 1990's hit kids' TV show, "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers".

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