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Fet Nite was the name of the Dungeon Master called upon to inflict physical harm to both Kenny and Spenny during the final sub-competition (Torture Challenge) in Season 2 Episode: Who has the Bigger Balls?


Items UsedEdit

  • Cat o' Nine-Tails
  • Cat o' Nine-Tails fingergloves
  • Wooden Spoon (bare ass)
  • Whips

- the whips were teased, but the competition was ended due to referee/doctor stoppage.


"My name is Fet Nite, I am here today to deal a little bit of pain to see who is the bravest out of these two lads."

- Fet Nite's introduction

"Spenny's hide seems to be tougher, but his will is weak"

- Fet Nite

"You're a sick fuck, Fet Nite."

"Mhm, I am!"

- Kenny and Fet Nite before the competition began

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